(Dycon)  –  Re Roofing

Grit coated Metal Tiles on existing Thatch Roofs

All the natural beauty without the hassle…

  • We work on your existing Thatch (Lapa’s, houses etc)

The advantages of using Metal tiles are:

  • No more maintenance (Combing of grass and re-thatching)
  • Lower insurance fees
  • No more fire risk from weather conditions
  • No more leaks
  • Retain the thatch look from the inside
  • 30 Year Warranty on the tile itself

Re-roofing on existing corrugated Iron

We work on your existing roof (no opening up or lifting of roof)

30 Year Warranty on the tile itself (If installed by a Harvey Licenced Contractor like ourselves)

No more leaks, Burglar resistant, UV resistant, Fire Resistant, Sound Resistant, LG and Fungi Resistant, Environmental friendly, Gives an elegant finish to your house, Increases the value of your home, Steel Based, Maintenance free, Colour diversity, Durable, Versatile, Light weight

Our Workmanship

For a better understanding on our workmanship, and our commitment to detail – see more photo’s below in our gallery.



Our Services Includes:

Supply & Installation