Thatch Re-Roofing:

Natural thatch creates a cozy, warm atmosphere and is loved for giving a sense of character inside and outside the home.
But it is also known for being expensive, high maintenance and risky – especially in high fire or lightning areas.

Introducing Harvey Thatch: a durable innovation which matches the best features of natural thatch without any of the drawbacks.

Harvey Thatch is a durable, flexible light weight steel tile, creating the look and feel of natural thatch.


Re-roofs using Harvey Thatch are hassle – free,  as the existing thatch is left in place ensuring no  disruption to the interior of the building, and  retaining the natural warmth.

Harvey thatch tiles

  • Easily withstands the elements
  • Bird, vermin, algae and fungi proof
  • Lightning safe
  • Reduced fire hazard

Our Workmanship

For a better understanding on our workmanship, and our commitment to detail – see our gallery below…


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Thatch Re-Roofing

THE IDEAL ROOFING SOLUTION – Combine the best of both worlds